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• 12/22/2016

Colonize Andromeda.... without Mass Relays?

I hang about this particularly thought for a while now.
The Milky Way was/is filled with Reaper Mass Relays, simply to move quickly from A to B and initially to speed up the harvest.

But... there are no Reapers in Andromeda, nor are there Mass Relays. So acutally the whole exploreable space is 1 Starcluster, for FTL drive is the limit.

Except..... the new adversary/dominant race in Andromeda had the same Technological idea to build Mass Effect based transportation devices.

I am really curious on how BW will introduce this problem and implement a viable soultion, because we can't build relays, we simply used them.
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• 12/22/2016
Hmmm, interesting. I suppose the basic physics that makes mass relays possible exists in both galaxies, as they're in the same universe, so maybe the dominant race in Andromeda used the same foundation, but implemented it differently? Sort of like how all humans communicate, but with different languages depending on where in the world that language evolved. Although I guess that's not a great analogy given how much languages borrow from each other. Sorry, my thoughts are all over the place on this. (Btw I'm behind in my Andromeda Initiative stuff, so apologies if my reply makes no sense because I've missed something vital).
• 12/23/2016
Mass Effect Americans is before all of that happens. And if I'm wrong and it's after all of that then I'm sure that admiral Hackett would construct a building for new relays
• 12/25/2016
I agree with SeaWoodStage.
And technically, we could build relays. Not in time of starting Andromeda Initiative or in time of ME3, but somewhen in the future. If you remember, protheans also used relays, but they did build Conduit which is actually mass relay.
• 12/25/2016
Oh I am aware and sure that the current ME species are capable of unlocking the Mass Relay technology and to build them on their own. But Protheans were centuries, if not millennia more advanced than the current species..... 'communication is still primitive in that cycle'. But on the other hand that communication was based on their unique evolutionary ability of enhanced empathy.
And they just began to understand the technology, even though the Conduit was a one way to a fixed location prototype (but crossed half the galaxy).

In the Milky Way you could dismantle an existing Relay to get the blue print but in Andromeda... you'd have to start from scratch.
I am curious. But I'll Charge my way through the Cluster in Vanguard style anyway.
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