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• 12/22/2016


Why doesn't the adept and vanguard use telekinesis in the game to save thane
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• 12/22/2016
So you suggest only the biotic classes should have an opportunity to save Thane?

The real question is, why didn't Shep do anything than staring??? Stop that measuring " mine's longer" bs and just pull the goddam trigger.....
Or why didn't Shep just smashed Kai Leng on the wall while he was on the skycar???? Just a small pull up and bam.... Leng Butter on Sky Toast.

The answer, even to your question is simple and the same why the Reapers attack in the first place..... lore..... Kai Leng had to beat the Best Assassin in the Galaxy, otherwise he would have been an even more laughable character if he didn't.

And the Reaper-Tech based implants make him immune to biotic attacks like singularity, throw or pull.
• 12/22/2016
Same reason Harry has to faff about moving benches in the library to get that book down in the OotP game when he already knows Accio, or why we can't just shoot Sovereign down on Eden Prime. Even the best game has its limits, otherwise the story would fall apart.

I hear you though. The potential of RPGs in terms of the impact our decisions make is only going to get bigger (thanks in large part to BW imo), but meanwhile I suppose we're stuck with RL, which I wish had checkpoints. :(
• 12/23/2016
Really should have been an interrupt, but really think about it this way. If there had been the option, no matter what kind of option, and we'd been able to save Thane from that prat then he would have died still but much more slowly and painfully. "You may not wish your last memories of me to be in this hospital. Kepral's Syndrome is not kind". He was on death's doorstep anyway; in a way this was a mercy kill. He got to die fairly quickly considering how slowly a terminal illness works, and he died fighting as a hero. This is how I console myself anyway...
• 12/23/2016
I totally agree with RediChalyn9. It is the same with Legion. He dies no matter your choice (yeah, you can .... and ... over and over again, but that's not the point here) to give is sacrifice for his entire race more weight. Btw if the Reaper Code advances a single Geth to a fully evolved AI..... and Legion contained of > 1000 geth..... is it mass suicide or what happened to the rest of them. I mean EDI is a fully evolved AI and can control a Spaceship and a constructed Body simultaniously, so it's like putting 1000 people into a bus and everyone's got a drivers license.

The answer to all is and will always be "lore". IF you at movies, games or books from a too realistic point of view.... non of them would ever happen..... You can't outmaneuver a machine, except you are one yourself.... or simply... the reaper destroyer in ME:3 prologue Earth would have melted the Normandy in the blink of an eye.
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