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• 12/22/2016


So I did the red color ending and I heard it said that shapard is giving exhaling in relief that the war is over. Yet as I watched it looks to me that he/she is taking a breath like he/she is coming to from being knocked out. Anyone else have this same thought?
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• 12/22/2016
I Agree after .. i dunno how many red endings.... Shep does inhale and not exhale, simply because the chest raises. Ever tried to raise your chest while you exhale? Kinda hard.
Take a look:
Mass Effect 3 - Shepard Alive Ending
Mass Effect 3 - Shepard Alive Ending YouTube
• 12/23/2016
I've never heard it said that it's an exhale of relief that the war's over. I've only ever heard it called the "breath scene", infamous though it may be. And if you believe in the indoctrination theory, it's a whole lot more complicated. But that aside, there are two indisputable facts. 1.) the sound is definitely that of inhalation rather than exhalation, and yes it does sound like someone coming to after being KO'd or gasping slightly. And 2.) the chest rises. I just tried to make my chest rise while exhaling and absolutely couldn't do it though I made my middle rise, that's not the chest and it's different.
• 12/29/2016
Indoctrination theory definitely makes that scene more interesting. However, as far as I know, bioware just put that scene in so we could see shepard was alive and it wasn't all for nothing.

I am a huge fan of the Indoctrination theory though and really hope it's true xD
• 1/1/2017
But extended cut proves the indoctrination theory is a sack of bs
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