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• 12/21/2016

Thoughts on why the Andromeda Initiative has to launch before ME:3

Hi folks,
there have been quite some questions about how ME:3 would or could affect ME:A.
IMO BW made a bold move placing the launch date of the Andromeda Initiative in 2185. But i have to say it is a good one. Yes, they take the easy way so they don't have to deal with the events of ME:3.

In doing so, no one knows of the Reapers at all. IF they would take the events into account.... well it still wouldn't matter. The Reapers fly twice as fast as the Citadel Ships... so if they had won and wanted to complete the Harvest... no Ship would have ever made it to Andromeda. OR They won and stick to their mandate to preserve the life in the Milky Way alone... anyway.. no one is even aware of them, because until the Invasion only a handful of people except Sheps Crew and Cerberus knew of their existence at all.

But having those massive ressources devouring ships leave in 2185 explaines why the Citadel Fleets are so much bigger in ME3 than in ME1 including the Codex Entries. 2 Birds with 1 stone i would say.... opinions?
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• 12/21/2016
It is certainly the convenient option. Each ending would drastically change the story of Andromeda. Destroy would have no synthetics, or new ones, but certainly no Geth, and it would have taken the races much longer to accomplish the Andromeda Initiative. Control would have seen the Andromeda Initiative launch much sooner with the aid of the Reapers and their operational technology. Synthesis would be the most different, having different skins for every single living thing from the Milky Way and changing the dynamic of the abilities people have. Avoiding that offers simplicity and freedom, and they've definitely capitalized on that fact.

It would certainly seem that the Reapers are not on the minds of those in the Andromeda Initiative. Most of them, indeed, wouldn't know or wouldn't believe that they exist. However, I do recall a theory somewhere that the Reapers aren't the great synthetic evil in Dark Space, since they're a combination of organic matter and synthetics. Rather, there might be some greater synthetic evil out there, but that seems a bit too Lovecraftian, although the Leviathan already fill that bill, so I'm not sure. Regardless, I'm really excited to experience the next chapter of Mass Effect. BioWare has had tons of time to develop this, so I know that it's going to be awesome.
• 12/22/2016
They probably will take the destruction ending like dishonored where they tk the good ending to do dh2
• 12/22/2016
That's what I initially thought: just take what the majority of folks did on their first play, loke inFamous. But since it's not being launched after ME3, the original trilogy's ending does not matter. It does not affect the Andromeda Initiative.
• 12/22/2016
It makes sense to me that Andromeda starts with close to a clean slate. The potential endings of ME3 are so different from each other that it probably just wasn't possible to craft a whole new game which takes into account previous individual choices. And if they make too big a thing of any "default" choice, they'll be sacrificing the sense of continuity for a big percentage of original trilogy players.

I won't be surprised (or sorry) if the reapers don't feature much, if at all, in Andromeda. Personally I'm ready for a new adversary. That being said, I will miss playing as my Shep! Ryder has the potential to be awesome though :)
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