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• 12/20/2016

Least Favorite, Non-Story Side-Mission?

It's amazing; here I am, Commander John Shepard, out trying to save the galaxy from annihilation, when Joker radioes and says, "Message comin' through." Jesus, what do they want *now*?? There's no choice but to accept, being on the Paragon path, but…could it wait until *after* I destroy the evil space squids…?

So…what's the one, interrupting side-mission that you loathe the most?
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• 12/20/2016
Any fetch quests
• 12/20/2016
At first it was the geth quests being they were long and the last point those walkers were hard in the beginning. Now I can do all 5 parts fairly quickly. The asteroid DLC also can be too long. Don't remember then name but the mines around one of the thrusters was very difficult until a came up with good strategy.
• 12/22/2016
"Lost Module", for me. To be fair, it's partly because I insist on going round to every space monkey colony and checking every monkey, even though there's no reason to. So it's my own fault that I dread it.

I used to hate "Rogue VI". On my first ever playthrough it took me tons of reloading saves to beat the final facility. I'd taken a crap team though, and my fighting methods were pretty bad too. Now I'm more experienced, I find it much easier to whizz through.
• 12/23/2016
Trying to think of any of them that I actually like...I mean I don't think I really loathe any of them specifically but there's none that I especially like either that come from Hackett like that. I'd have to say though the most annoying thing ever is when you're working on a side quest for someone else and are going in to the system of the planet you need then you get a message from Hackett telling you to go somewhere else. Might just be annoying to me because my train of thought is ridiculously easy to get disrupted so while I may have been thinking in my head beforehand, System Name, Cluster Name, Planet Name suddenly Hackett tells me something different so I'm screwed up.
• 12/29/2016
ME 1 someone radios me to look for a satellite that crashed on an uncharted world. After a good 30 minutes of my time I finally found the satellite but the navigation data in it is not there so I drive my mako for almost an HOUR to found a monkey looking creature hold it UNDERGROUND. Then we I obtained the satellite data I saved then attempted to exit to my mako only to be attacked by 3 geth destroyers several troopers and a few shock troopers I died 6 times before I returned to data
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