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• 12/17/2016


Need tips for a ME2 run on insanity (just for the achievement)
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• 12/17/2016
I found an awesome walkthrough. I only use it when I die 10+ times, but it recommends using a Soldier character that is either completely new or is a ME1 rollover. That way you have better balancing between you and the enemies. I think any class would be fine, though. Go with what you do best. I'm best as a Soldier, so I went ahead and did that.
• 12/17/2016
I find that Miranda and Mordin/Thane are the best since you have coverage over shields with overload, warp for barriers and armour and Mordin's incinerate for armour. I use a soldier build with geth shield boost, helps you out in clutch situations
• 12/19/2016
Soldier + Mordin + Garrus. Mordin's incinerate and Garrus's overload solve almost every problem.
Armor and shields won't bother you. Barriers... covering and positioning + concussive shot
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