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• 12/12/2016

Best Atmosphere?

All three games in the trilogy have a different atmosphere and overall feel: in the first it feels as though a great mystery is unraveling as you progress, and everything is just a little more alien. The second game has more of a nihilistic, impending doom kind of feel to it. The third is of course all-out war and desperation, and the smorgasbord of emotion that comes with it. The question which I ask you all is which one is the best and why?

Personally my favourite is that of the first game - I don't know if it's the soundtrack, plot turns, unusual level design or general aesthetic, but everything feels quietly unsettling. Like you are constantly on the verge of something. Plus when you're exploring an uncharted world or derelict ship, you really do feel alone. Brightly lit and silent is far more unnerving than dark and noisy in my opinion.
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• 12/13/2016
The second.

You're right, it's that feeling of impending doom that does it for me. There's a sense of urgency, as you go about recruiting your teammates, and the whole Collector twist - which I saw coming a mile off - has a very Lovecraftian vibe, emulated by Ridley Scott in Prometheus (2012) and by myself, in my own works.

There are *many* reasons why ME2 is my favorite of the trilogy (not just because it was the first I ever played), and the atmosphere and tone is just a part of that..
• 12/13/2016
My favorite is the thrid one. All the sarcasm and romance with Garrus. The ending was okay but not what I would have done. And my favorit mission in the thrid one is the one where you go after your clone. Do you all remember that mission. And the way Garrus is on that mission is funny and sexy
• 12/13/2016
I also do like the second one because of the suspens
• 12/13/2016
I get that about the second game. At first I was sceptical, I thought it getting darker in pretty much every way would lose some of the uniqueness of the franchise but they pulled it off really well in the end. And the third, for its faults, really does feel huge in scale which helps a lot
• 12/14/2016
The third one was great like I said before it's just the ending that throws it off! And it sucks that we can't import Shepard in the new one, but it's nice that we get to experience something new. So excited hopefully I can romance a Turian
• 12/19/2016
The second one had a lot of suspense and I really liked the darker tone of it however the music added nothing to it - at best it sounded like a remix of a Tron soundtrack and was often loud enough to drown out parts of conversations. ME3 on the other hand created a lot of emotions and the soundtrack was on spot. I liked the atmosphere of both but I'd give ME3 a bit of a preference.
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