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• 12/5/2016

Squad mates

Who is your favourite squad mate? Pick one from each of the Mass Effect games.
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• 12/6/2016
ME1. Kaidan (Tali is close second)
ME2. Mordin (choosing anyone else is... problematic)(but Tali is definitely close second)
ME3. Tali (but if you count the Citadel DLC, she is only close second to Wrex))

so i guess, what i am trying to say is - i'm in love with Tali)))
• 12/6/2016
1. Liara
2. Grunt
3. Liara
• 12/6/2016
• 12/9/2016
ME2-Garrus (if we're excluding him then Thane...they're my squad)
ME3-Garrus (sigh...must we exclude him? Liara is decent)
• 12/10/2016
ME1: Kaidan (for helping me hack all the things), even though I sacrifice him on every playthrough…

ME2: Between Grunt - a kick-ass Krogan that puts even Wrex to shame - and Legion, just for the novelty factor of having a Geth on my squad…

ME3: Javik - for being everything the Commander could've been, had he been born a Prothean, and for his story arc - but James is a close second…
• 12/11/2016
ME:1 Kaiden Or Garrus For Romance Liara

ME:2 Zaeed Mostly Or Legion For Romance Miranda But Keep It From Liara From Know I'n ME:2 Maybe 3

Never Played ME:3 But My Favorite Squadmate Would Be Javik
• 12/11/2016
Me: Kaidan ( I can't bring myself to sacrifice him) with Garrus and wrex
Me2: Jack
Me3: Kaidan and Javik. ( I can't choose between the two soz)
• 12/13/2016
My favorote is Garrus I love how he just has a hard time talking to Shepard. Its just so cute
• 12/14/2016
ME1: Garrus
ME2: Garrus
ME3: Garrus

He is my space boyfriend
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