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• 12/1/2016

How to keep the quarians and gets from going to war in ME3

I've haven't played mass effect in awhile and forgot what decision do I have to make from 2 to make sure they don't annihilate each other and I can keep both fleets
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• 12/1/2016
I think you need to spare the Geth at the space station during Legion's loyalty mission, settle the argument between Legion and Tali peacefully, and successfully defend Tali's innocence during her loyalty mission.
• 12/1/2016
Have a look here, mate. Requirements are near the bottom under 'Reputation Check'.
Priority: Rannoch
Priority: Rannoch Mass Effect Wiki
• 12/2/2016
The only thing from Mass Effect 2 that is *required* to make peace in ME3 is that both Tali and Legion survive the suicide mission, since both must be present on Rannoch for the peace to occur.

However, the following things help (i.e. contribute to getting the Paragon/Renegade options that stop the battle):

- Destroy rather than reprogram the Geth heretics
- Settle the Tali/Legion argument without losing either's loyalty. (This means using the P or R dialog option at that time; losing and later regaining loyalty doesn't count towards the Rannoch reputation check)
• 12/4/2016
You need to complete their loyalty missions if you plan to use them for operations on the suicide mission, otherwise they will usually die. If that happens, then you won't get peace for the Quarian-Geth. However, if you simply don't pick them, then it doesn't matter. However, canonically, Legion's loyalty mission are pretty crucial to ME3 for war assets for 100%. I know dealing with the Geth Base with decide the power of the Geth and Quarian fleets when you get either or both, based on the number of Geth that were in service. If more Geth are in the initial fleet than the Quarians will lose more assets, likewise the opposite if there is less Geth.
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