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• 11/28/2016


Hey guys! Well, I've heard some theories about the asari true form (ikr?) and I'm interested about your opinion. The theory is based in one conversation in Illium of one human, one salarian and one turian about how hot asari are, but they get really confused because different species thinks that since they're really different... So, do you think that the pretty blue girls are really one kind of bubble or something XD?

Anyway, I'm new here so if someone can show me the rules or how the wiki works I would be glad : ) Thanks!
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• 12/3/2016
I had the same thought as you and I agree with believing that they are hot to all races for one reason or another.
• 12/6/2016
I think it's a joke Bioware has. Cause yknow blue/green chicks are suppose to be hawt to all sci-fy nerds and it's kind of hard to not be a sci-fi nerd when you live in space LMAO.

I think it would be interesting though for an attention grabber Asari chick to get offended when (as an example) a straight female of whatever species (prob humans since they resemble them so much) turns them down. I think that would be funny.
• 12/10/2016
Yep! 😜
• 12/10/2016
I like the asari, but I think they were just made to be the sexy blue girls and attract the nerds XD
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