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• 11/28/2016

Mass effect 2

How would you rate mass effect 2?
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• 11/28/2016
10000000000000/10 because of the CALIBRATIONS... And because of Mordin. And Legion. And Grunt....
• 11/30/2016
It's the best out of the series in terms of story
• 12/1/2016
It's probably my favorite in the series; the combat system is good, nobody has to die, and the loyalty missions are fun. Oh, and heavy weapons.

"I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite game in the trilogy."
• 12/4/2016
It's my *least* favourite in the series. My most favourite one is the very first one (rightly called simply "Mass Effect"!). I just don't like the vast majority of the changes that they made in ME2, such as no more inventory, dumbed-down skill point system, nonsense "thermal clip" system, shared cooldown, no more planet exploration, annoying scanning, nonsense enemy shielding system (armour is a layer of shields now, what?!), enemy shields blocking powers... And the story is bad in comparison as well. The intro is completely apalling (and completely pointless; the only effect it has is that we're no longer truly playing as Shepard since it...), and throughout the game nothing too important gets done. Paraphrasing Miranda from the intro: "They're sending them to fight the Collectors! Collectors! We all know the Reapers are the real threat!" The Collectors are nowhere near the weight Sovereign alone was, and the final boss is just goofy. And throughout the whole thing, you're working for a terrorist organisation that has destroyed human colonies and commited countless atrocities, without a way to say no.

That said, it's still a good game. For one, it's still Mass Effect. The AI is much better, the animations are much better, the graphics are improved. Character diversity is the best in the series. Arrival makes a great contribution to the story. And nowadays a lot of the things that annoy me about the game can be fixed by using mods.

Overall I'd give it 8/10, could have been much better than it turned out to be, but still pretty good.

I'm glad that ME3 turned out as a bit of a mix between ME2 and ME (though still heavily leaning towards the ME2 system) and Andromeda seems to be leaning in that direction too.
• 12/6/2016
TBH ties with 3 as my favorite. I headcannob my ending of ME3 though a bit different than what I got so blah.

I mostly liked the thrill cause I legit had a panic attack dealio during the final mission. It was hell going through but I'm masochistic by nature and IT WAS SUCH A RELIEFAND FUN TO HAVE OVER AT THE END...!!!
• 12/12/2016
2183/10 and going...

While technically nothing happened in terms of the main story with the Collectors, Mass Effect 2 takes the game to a different direction, exploring its cast of characters in a more detailed and intimate ways, allowing you to see the universe through your team, something more than just running and gunning and fighting monsters.

Gameplay-wise, Shepard maybe a bit sluggish, but the shooting is satisfying AF, with awesome sound design and redefined character classes and powers. In term of role play, your decisions DO MATTER, and they culminate in the final suicide mission - everyone's fate is in your hand. Also, the soundtracks are freaking epic! Suicide Mission, The Long Walk, The End Run...!!!
• 12/15/2016
2000000000000000000/10 just because of all the CALABRATIONS. And because of all the suspense. At first it's boring but when you get towards the end and you have romances someone then it gets real good like real good!
• 1/14/2017
Oh my gosh thankyou
• 1/14/2017
Your welcome
• 1/14/2017
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