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• 11/26/2016

Romance intrests

Is it more beneficial to romance liara, ashley, or ask to have them both
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• 11/27/2016
If you try and ask to have them both Ashley will break off the romance. Liara is probably the best option because you get to spend time with and romance her in ME2. By the end of ME3 it seems like a fuller romance experice story wise.
• 11/28/2016
Liara because Ashley hates shepherd in ME2
• 11/28/2016
Up to you. No one's stopping you.
• 11/29/2016
If you ask to have them both, Ashley will get pissed off and leave you with Liara. As for the romances themselves, just pick whichever one you like more.
• 12/4/2016
"Beneficial?" Neither one gives you a gameplay advantage, if that's what you mean.
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