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• 11/17/2016

No Shepard in Andromeda

Yes, I know that is old news but my husband is refusing to play Andromeda for that very reason. I have a daughter that loves the franchise and is playing anyway because it's Mass Effect. I'm currently playing ME:2 for the first time. Anyone else not playing because Shepard is gone? I think my hubby is being silly, but I could be wrong. Are other players really that attached to Shepard?
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• 11/22/2016
That is a silly reason indeed, not willing to give the game a try because a character is not there.

Also, Shepard will probably not show up at all, as by the time Arks launch, the events of Mass Effect 2 intro were happening which means Shepard was a bit unavailable to be present.

The tie-in to the Mass Effect games is that you will be using everything you know from Mass Effect games, from biotics to weapons. The only missing thing are Relays (for obvious reasons)
• 11/22/2016
@GreatEmerald The only DRM will most likely be Origin (which is just like Steam and everything else) like in ME3, this is not really an issue I think people need to be really concerned about.

As for DLCs, If they follow the model they have built for Dragon Age Inquisition, meaning no DLC characters, it will be just fine. People did not really seem to mind DLC policy in Inquisition, where you had two types - cosmetic packs (pretty useless, IMO, but nice if you go for GOTY edition) and entirely new stories that were obviously created after the game (all three of them), not cut from the base game like From Ashes in ME3 was.
• 11/22/2016
@General Karthos I would not say the series went downhill after EA acquired BioWare. If anything, the gameplay drastically improved (Mass Effect 1 is pain to play through after playing more modern games, IMO), without sacrificing the story and characters.

ME2 did sacrifice a lot of RPG elements, that is true, and people rightfully criticized it for that. But I think that ME3 found the right combination between enjoyable gameplay and RPG elements. And Dragon Age Inquisition is also good with its RPG elements and is enjoyable to play.
• 11/22/2016
Oh fer gosh sakes. The Shepard trilogy is done, Andromeda begins a new story in a new galaxy. Do we really want to see Shepard in 23 iterations getting lamer and lamer like James Bond?

Besides, Shepard's death (or ascension to godlike intelligence) is the only way the Reaper story really could end. Some heroes have to die to save what they love, from John Marston to Frodo Baggins. Are people seriously going to skip Red Dead Redemption 2 just because Marston was killed in the first one? For that matter, did people boycott GTA V because it didn't have Nico Bellic?

Closer to home, Bioware's other flagship franchise, Dragon Age, has had a new protagonist for each game, and it doesn't hurt it a bit.

PS: While the ending of ME3 did indeed stink like week-old fish, EA isn't to blame (unlike Day 1 DLC- grrr!). Bioware screwed the ending up all by themselves, and the cause wasn't EA meddling but the absence of series creator Drew Karpyshian.
• 11/23/2016
You act like its unheard of for games to end badly due to publishers rushing out a game.
• 11/26/2016
shepard is the core of mass effect it is hard to imagine it without him imagine star wars without vader or yoda its not interesting
• 11/27/2016
I can imagine Star Wars without Vader or Yoda. KOTOR, 90% of the extended universe, The new trilogy. Some of the extended universe stuff isn't good, but that's because it's not well made, not cause Vader or Yoda aren't in them.

Shepard is not "the core of mass effect". They are the driving force behind the story that was told during Mass Effect. They are the pair of pants that you wore while playing the games. Because Shepard had no real personality past "I am a soldier". They only acted as you had them act, and only said as you told them to say. They didn't have a personality, and wasn't the core of anything, because they were bland. They were a shell that you could use to roleplay with and that's why you became so attached to them. It's a very common storytelling tool. Make a character super bland and moldable so that the person playing them could take the reigns and feel like the hero of the story. That's why "My Shepard" is even a thing, because Shepard was able to be molded into whatever Shepard you wanted them to be. The core of Mass Effect is you, the player, and the choices you make during your story that you create. Shepard is only revered cause of the story they were a part of. If it was a different character's name, they'd be just as revered because the effect would have been the same. You would have made your story, become attached, and if the last name of the main character of this new Mass Effect's last name was Shepard, you'd be boycotting all the same because it isn't your Commander whatever other last name they could have chosen for them. The character isn't the core of Mass Effect. You are. And if they get that part right again, then you'll be absolutely sure that it will have just as many people behind Ryder as they did behind Shepard, if they can stop saying dumb things like "Not my Shepard".

Shepard's story is over. Doesn't matter if it ended satisfactorily for you or not, there is no tension in a story where they bring back Shepard cause you already see them in their final moments, so you know the only way that any story with them in it can go. There is no where else to go with their story. Give Bioware a chance to make you care about your character again. And don't bother saying "Well it isn't Shepard so I won't care as much". You cared that much about Shepard, so it's possible to care that much about another character. So you can't say you won't care, because that's simply close-minded. You clearly enjoyed caring about Shepard, so you can't say that you don't want to care about a different character either. In the end, the only logical path, is to see where the new story goes. If Mass Effect isn't really your thing anymore, and you've gotten your fill of it by the third game, cool, that's all the power to you. But because the character isn't this character that you spent years with, and learned to love and care for, that's not a reason to not play the new one. That's a reason TO play it, because clearly they were able to make you care that much about a character, so who's to say they can't do it again.
• 11/27/2016
The Mass Effect Universe is a big place. I'm looking forward to seeing stories that aren't about Shepard in it.
• 11/28/2016
I really love my Shepard, but I won't ignore Andromeda just because my cinnamon roll isn't there... The only thing I didn't liked in the news about Andromeda is that the ME3 ending won't affect Andromeda gameplay. I know Mass Effect 3 wasn't the best game ever, but the ending should affect all universe.
• 12/3/2016
@Aries cz It's not "and everything else". I really hate that Origin is required for ME3, and ever since I have only been buying games on instead, which have no DRM to worry about at all. (And I'm also primarily a Linux gamer, too; so all my recent games have been Linux-native *and* DRM-free, also, DRM layers don't mix with Wine well).

That's the main thing I'm debating right now – should I skip Andromeda because I can't stand DRM, or will it be so good to be worth the whole Origin hell. I guess time will tell, but certainly no preorders from me.

That said, EA have been releasing some of the older games (Mirror's Edge, Dead Space) to as well. It sure would be awesome if they did so with any of the Mass Effects, really.
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