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What if Shepherd did not recruit Javik in ME3 but in ME2. What do you think would have happened if Javik was with Shepard against the Collectors. I think that the galaxy would have been more prepared because Javik would have confirmed what Shepherd was trying to tell the counsel.
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This Year’s Epic Score

Found this on ebay for the best price I’ve ever seen for one of these. She keeps watch over my desk. 😁
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Reaper Harvest

Something that I've long been curious about regarding the Reapers is what they would be looking for within each species that they harvest, and which species would've been dominant in that during the harvesting process. We know that the batarians were largely wiped out, either killed outright or transformed into Cannibals, while there are far smaller numbers of other troop types outside of Husks, while they were still being harvested.

In ME2 we see that the Collectors are making the core structure for the human Reaper, the humans having gotten the Reapers' attention because of Shepard, and the way that humanity handled itself in the First Battle of the Citadel, taking down a powerful Reaper as a result. Humans were always a wild card, because they were new, ambitious and capable, though still catching up with the other species. Of the Council races, the asari were powerful and wise, the turians tactically brilliant with the strength to match, and the salarians were masters of all things scientific, as well as being highly skilled in espionage. It's been stated that neither one of the original Council races had the strength to go against the other two, so with that balance in mind, I'm wondering what people think - out of the various species - the Reapers would've picked as their primary target. Or which of them you yourselves would pick, and why?

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Traynor Dialogue

So... I was reading Traynor's wiki page because I have sweet FA going on. And it occurred to me that, during the Citadel DLC, she finds Kahlee Sanders' bag in the apartment. She mentions Sanders has great taste in "adjustable massage wands." It just hit me... did Sanders leave her vibrating dildo in Anderson's apartment?
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This newest Andromeda book...

It's like a turd in a Snickers wrapper. They promise it'll be satisfying, but as soon as you open it, you know something's wrong.

Seriously though, I haven't finished it yet, but so far... It's just not very well written. I mean, of course I'm going to finish it, but I would have much rather had a DLC to tie this loose end up.
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How did your Shepard look like through the games?

I was quite sure this question was asked before, but perhaps it was long ago, because I couldn't find it anywhere. So, the title says it all: how did your Shepard look like? Doesn't matter if FemShep or MaleShep, I'm interested in what kind of custom characters the players created.

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Anthem Closed Alpha Test

Tangentially related since many of us into Mass Effect are also interested in the next new thing BioWare is working on.

I just participated in the Anthem Closed Alpha Test this past weekend, and I wanted to tell you guys, I’m impressed. All testers are under an NDA, so I can’t spill details or share images, but I can tell you this:

It’s gorgeous. The graphics are really beautiful, the character animations are fantastic.

It’s fun. Combat feels reminiscent of ME:A but better.

My concerns about its multiplayer features have been laid to rest. It forms up squads in a player adjustable way that feels a little similar to ESO and integrates pretty well with the single-player storyline. I don’t even really care for multiplayer games, but the way it’s implemented here is actually enjoyable.

After having been rather dubious about the whole thing up to now, I am totally preordering this game.

Can’t wait for February!
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I saved biotics at grissom academy and Jack apear at squad member selection. But she's just black siluet. I use only alot mod. Why is that?
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• 12/9/2018

Seems out of place?

Playing the dreadnought mission in ME 3 and just noticed the holographic keyboards and screens. Don't remember them on the ship in Legions loyalty mission. Seems unrealistic that AIs would use this type of interface. Maybe I'm missing something?
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• 12/8/2018
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• 12/8/2018

So... Aeian T'Goni

So... does anyone else kinda hate Aeian T'Goni? Especially since it's confirmed she murdered Joker's sister?
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• 12/7/2018

Dragon Age 4 announced!

So, like previously, this doesn't directly relate to Mass Effect news, but since it's official that Dragon Age is getting a sequel, we're that much closer to ME continuing down the line as well! Get hyped, my friends!

Couldn't find any related links to this news yet, I'm sorry.. I just saw the announcement at the Game Awards show mere minutes ago. But it's happening! BioWare's not done with the franchises we love above all else!

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• 12/7/2018

Next Mass Effect

When you think about the next Mass Effect game, what's the first thing that comes to your mind?
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• 12/7/2018

Mike Laidlaw Joined Ubisoft

Don't know if anybody's interested in Mike Laidlaw's activities anymore, but according to this news site (@ 2:47), he's going back to AAA Games of some sort.

Big Bethesda Privacy Breach! + Smash Ultimate Is It Good? + Soulja Boy Selling Game Consoles
Big Bethesda Privacy Breach! + Smash Ultimate Is It Good? + Soulja Boy Selling Game Consoles YouTube
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• 12/7/2018

Mass effect books.

What is your favorite book in the Mass Effect universe and why
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• 12/5/2018

Iff mission

I totally forget about that mission. I don't have all loyalty and last save is 20hours back. Is there any solution to retrieve save before that mission? I can restart mission at some planet after scan but its after the iff.
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• 12/5/2018

Favourite missions

I'm getting excited to play my first Mass Effect 2 on 14 Dec. While I was just talking with friends, we came to discuss some of our favourite missions. Which missions are your favourite?
Missions can include dossier/loyalty/main plot. Arrange them as 1,2,3.
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